November ramblings

What a dark month it has been so far. Wet a lot of the time, but very dark and very little sun. When the sun does shine you feel like cheering! It is mild for November and the plants think it is spring. My forsythia has little green shoots all over it yet some of this years leaves have not yet fallen. I have noticed a cherry tree in blossom already. What will happen to our plants and trees if and when we have a frost? Will they survive and flower again at the proper time?

What are the wild animals and birds doing in this mild weather? The starlings are busy eating the fat balls and the robin comes to eat as well. Have any of my readers noticed how spring like it is in the garden? And the ground is very wet as well. When the USA has snow we generally get it a few weeks later but our weather forecasters are saying that we are going to have 3 months of rain. It is due to the jet stream we are told and this is being affected by melting ice. So back we come to global warming and man’s effect on this.

Another topic for discussion there. But three months of rain will mean floods in many places and the death of many wild animals. How can we do something about this?


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