Black Friday

I was shocked to see how people fought to get a few pounds off various goods especially televisions. What is the matter with us that we need to do such things. We seem to have forgotten the difference between I want and I need. If I think I should buy something new, I always think about do I need it or not. This applies to clothes as well. We seem to live in a throwaway world and to me that is not a good thing.

I have just had a new computer built by my son as my old one was really falling apart and not working at all well. But there is no way I would have gone to a Black Friday sale, queued and fought to get one. Same with many other things. If it can be mended then that is what I do. My son has taken my old computer as he can convert it to use with the TV. Recycling is good.

What are your thoughts on the scenes of chaos on Friday? Would you join such a crowd? Before you buy items do you think about needing or wanting?sunsetnovember

1 thought on “Black Friday

  1. I didn’t go shopping, but I was caught in it. I decided to busk that day, thinking I would have a happy crowd to play to, it being the Christmas season and all. Nope. People were in a hurry, unhappy, and few were in a frame of mind to listen to music. I honestly get a better reception on an ordinary commute. I’ll sit it out, even as a performer, next year.

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