Learning to give and be active

The Spring Equinox has passed and we look forward to the longer days. It is also the time of Sports Relief in the UK where various sporting activities are undertaken in order to raise money for those disadvantaged both here and abroad. Money was raised to help those in need, those who are disabled and those whose needs are great compared to ours.

Why have we not yet learned that all people are equal in the world and that all of us have the same needs so why is it that some people do not even have clean water. Others die needlessly because medicine is not available. Some earn a pittance looking through other people’s rubbish to find things to sell. Is this a fair world? What can we do to change it?

Many people give money to fund clean water, to help people to live in harmony with their land, but there are other ways to help. There are many volunteer organisations both here and abroad where you can go and help on a practical level for months at a time. Maybe those who are greedy for more money should do some of this unpaid work and see how it feels. If I was younger and physically able then I would be out there giving a hand. What would you do? Where will your path take you?


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