Acting and solving

There are many people, including many druids, who are actively protesting against fracking and other assaults on our planet. This is very good but how many of us have thought about what solutions we can offer?

When people were protesting about the badger cull, there were some who put forward a campaign for protecting the badgers with a vaccine. So they came up with a solution to the problem. What solution can we find to provide our energy without fracking? Locally there has been a lot of protest against wind farms but no one has suggested an alternative.

Solar farms are one solution and are not so visible as wind turbines. But we need all kinds of alternative energy to supply our needs and we need to learn to look at alternative energy as a package of wind, solar and wave or tidal energy.

We can’t go on like this. Our attitudes need to change if we are going to keep the human race alive in the future. So while continuing to protest against fracking and other things, let us find a solution to put forward to those in power so that they can see that we are trying to do our best for our planet.


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