More thoughts

Being confined to the house is not good for me as I love to be outside in nature. Keeping me sane are the many photos I have of very special places. Many of these are woodland scenes or streams running through woods. There is something about that kind of nature that is very soothing but also very inspiring.

Good news is that my Poetry and Prose book is now available on Amazon and is also available as an  e-book. Here is the link;

And here is another photo of an orb in woodland taken with a very old non-digital camera in 2001.

1 thought on “More thoughts

  1. Hi Gladys! I’m glad to see you posting about orbs in non-digital photos because I wondered if it were possible. I have a non-digital photo taken with a very simple camera from 10 years ago or so, at St. Nectan’s Glen, and it’s filled with orbs. I’m very sure they’re not water spots either!

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