Another week has passed by and I have fluctuated between the deep dark night of the soul and the soaring of my spirit. I suspect this is the effect of having my leg in plaster and being confined to the house unless taken out by friends. One friend left me a message outside my front door. Here is a picture of the message;

After a couple of phone calls I worked out who had left the message. I thought it was a rather lovely way of doing so.

Our world is chaotic at the moment and I feel that it is only my deep spirituality that is helping me to get through it all. I am far too sensitive to what is going on and feel the trauma and despair of others. We all have to change our ways of thinking and how we work with what we have and stop wanting more all the time. Our planet is telling us this in many ways and we must listen to the messages she is sending us. We must be the change we wish to see in the world. This is a famous saying of Gandhi and he spoke  such truth.

1 thought on “Messages

  1. Hi Gladys – I know what you mean about feeling the trauma and despair of others, and the overall chaotic energy of the world right now. And we on a spiritual path are still being moved along in our soul growth too, and sometimes it’s all overwhelming. My outlets have been gardening and writing – I’m learning that I must take these moments for myself to stay grounded. I think we all knew this year was going to be challenging but I’m not sure I realized just how challenging!

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