Words and actions

It is very easy to say something about doing something and then do nothing about what you said you’d do. I am writing here about the climate change declarations of emergency which are often said by councils and various organisations. It is easy to say these words of declaring a climate emergency. But what actions are then taken. Locally for example, the council declared the emergency and said they would set up a working party to come up with ideas for action reporting back some time next year. A definite lack of the feeling of emergency and what that actually means.

We all say that we will do things to help with this, but what do we actually do? Do we recycle, do we think about what we buy to eat and wear or use? Do we understand the importance of what we do? Do we think about our actions and how they impact the world for our children and grandchildren? Or do we just keep on living in the same old way without changing anything we do in our daily lives.

There are lots of well known phrases about words and actions. ‘Actions speak louder than words’ is one of these. In some native circles it is known as ‘Walking your talk’. Here is another quote, ‘ Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, ‘

Also, you are defined by what you do, by your actions, rather than by what you say. Words can often mean nothing at all but actions speak so much louder. So are you all talk and no action of are you one who follows up their words with actions?

1 thought on “Words and actions

  1. Looking for British food to save air miles. Must say I do succumb to others if nothing British available though 😏. Most of my tops are bought from charity shops, recycling them to another charity when I’ve finished with them. Stopped using bottled water and bought a filter jug for my drinking water. Not much, I know, but if everyone did just those things it would make a small impact long term.

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