Helping others feel valued

Another interesting week. It brought to mind how much we need others to remind us that we are valued and have a lot to offer. When you get older it is easy to feel that you are becoming a burden because you need help yet you still may have much to offer others. This was brought home to me this week two days running.

We all have something we can do for others, it may be just listening, it may be that we give someone a hug. We can offer help to do shopping, cleaning, writing letters or taking someone out for the afternoon to have tea somewhere.

So often we look at someone young or old and push them aside thinking they have nothing we are interested in. Every one of us has something we can do for others, you just have to look for that something. I remember teaching what were known as problem children. Each one of these had an interest in something, could draw or paint, could play a game better than others. When I found that something I had a way to reach these children and help them. It is the same with older people. Just because they are in a home or disabled does not mean they have nothing to offer you. There is a great joy in listening to the experiences of older people. It helps us to see what they went through when life was not so easy. I could go on but I think I have written enough to make you think a bit.

How do you help others feel valued?


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