Signs of hope

The first signs of Spring are appearing, small shoots of plants, hazel catkins and forsythia in bloom. Nature is working her wonders again and telling us that everything goes in cycles. After the dark comes light.

But on another level I can see that there is hope that things might change for the better in our world. People are beginning to feel angry at what is happening and turning that anger into positive action. This is good. But there are many people who have no understanding of how everything works together on our planet. There are so many specialists in scientific fields, for example, that they can’t see the broader picture. There seems to be no understanding of how everything is connected. Yet everything we say, think or do has an effect somewhere on something or someone. If ice is melting somewhere then it will affect the temperature of the water it melts in, this will affect water elsewhere via currents and so on. Putting toxic chemicals in the earth to blast open beds of shale will also have an effect and in other countries this effect has not always been a good one. Contamination of ground water is something that can harm everything that lives in or on the earth and that includes us.

So if you are angry at the things that are happening now, then turn your anger into positive action. Stand up and be counted. I am sure you can think of ways to do this!


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