Respect for others

As a druid I have a strong belief in respect for others and for everything that is on our planet. This means that I respect the opinions of others even if I do not agree with them. I also respect the property of others too.

But nowadays it seems that respect has disappeared. I see politicians insulting each other and blaming others for their own misfortunes. I see people throw rubbish in the streets. I see dog owners allow their dogs to foul the footpath and not clean up afterwards as well as allowing dogs to stray into the gardens of others.

I see children shouting abuse at each other and wanting everything they see whether they need it or not. I have had shop doors allowed to bang back into my face even though I use a crutch to walk around. I have always held a door open for someone whoever they are and however old they are, It is both courtesy and respect.

Have you noticed how this kind of thing has changed? And what can you do about it? I try to set an example but there are so many who just do not want to know about courtesy and respect. What are your thoughts on this?



2 thoughts on “Respect for others

  1. i agree with you,people these days do not have respect for any or any thing,it makes me so angry,i am always surprised these days when some one even says thank you,and as for litter dont even get me started on that,i have a lovely green with woods and a lake opposite out house and the amount of people who drive past and chcuk all their Mc donalds food pacaging out the window on there ,makes me want to scream,i see people come out the shop and do their scratch cards,and drop them on the floor and they are standing right next to the bin ,SCREAMMMMMMMMMMMMM,People still alloow their dogs to go to toilet on the verge right outs side my house in front of me and leave it there .OMG i could go on and on.Children all seem to think the ducks and geese are there for target practice with big stones,……… There is no Respect any more
    Gail xx

  2. Annoyance has slowly drifted towards pity for me. The other day I was leaving a store and a person stopped dead in the middle of the automatic doorway to do whatever it is people do on their smart phones. He appeared oblivious to where he was, or that he wasn’t the only person to reside in this universe. He was pushing a cart full of stuff and was taking up so much room I couldn’t get by him. So I stood in back of him…at first angered by his inconsideration, and then I found myself pitying him to some degree. What must it be like to not be aware of being connected to ones environment and all the sentient beings it contains? And much the same goes for all the rudeness we witness these days…..people existing in sterile environments missing out on the all the small glimpses of diversity and variety we bring forth to each other.

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