Sadness and joy in the woodland

A visit to see a favourite tree was both sad and joyful. The tree was over 300 years old and was much loved by many. I had not been able to visit for around 10 years and sadly this visit was to find the tree was no longer there. Whether it was felled or fell naturally I will never know but it was a splendid tree. But a short walk into the woodland revealed glades filled with wild flowers and many species of butterflies and insects. I don’t remember seeing so many different species in one place for a long time and these glades were so colourful and often scented.

This week I heard a well known gardener talking about how his garden helped him to overcome depression. How wonderful are the natural things around us, not only beautiful to see but also healing as well! Although I feel sad at the loss of the ancient beech, I also feel joy at seeing the natural life in the woodland. The ancient beech inspired a poem several years ago (see Poetry and Prose my first book) so maybe the wonderful wild flowers may do the same. Take a walk in the woods or along the lanes and see how many different plants you can find. Two photos for you this week