Strength and power

‘As the world that we have known crumbles around us, let us stay strong and focus on peace. It will come one day at some point, maybe not in my lifetime but in that of my children and grandchildren.’ These are the words I wrote yesterday. As we look around us we can see everything that we have known and felt to be safe is now crumbling down around us.

I am older than most of my readers and remember the hardships following a war. Since that time, we have changed in many ways, not just ourselves but our country and our world. Some things have got much better but others have got much worse and there are large gaps between different populations.

Many years ago I felt that we were approaching a fairer world but that was not to be. There are so many people around who are greedy for money and for power. But they don’t understand what power really is. They think it is about controlling others and that is not the case. Politicians say things they don’t mean and make promises that they have no intention of keeping. But those words and promises lead people to think that they are good which give the politician a feeling of power.

What does power mean to you? If you look up the word in a dictionary you will see that there are many different meanings but the most ‘popular’ one is about being able to do something in a proper manner and having the ability to do something.

For me maybe it means the ability to do something, to help others, the ability to search for truth, To offer thoughts of peace and healing to others is also what I see as part of my ‘power’. We often hear the words ‘people power’. What do these words mean to you? To me they mean people getting together to do something which can change the way we live in our world. Think back to the effect of the ripples in the pond, the gathering together to spread words of peace. What are your thoughts? Let us stay strong like a tree even when¬†its branches bend in the wind.




Sunshine and hope

What a difference the sun makes! You feel so much better and cheerful when the sun is out. The flowers are starting to bloom and the fledglings are learning to fly. I counted at least 10 this morning on my shed roof. It brings us all hope in this troubled world. The natural world carries on and grows throughout whatever the weather does. The cold has made the spring growth happen much later but nature has survived and shown us that we can survive too.

There are many people in our world struggling with one thing or another. Some have lost loved ones, others have lost their jobs and some have lost their homes for various reasons. But out of this mire will come something new. Each disaster we have in our lives, makes us stronger and we learn how to live in a better way so that some of the disasters which are of our own making, do not happen again. Look around you and see how nature has survived the long cold winter, see the flowers blooming, the tiny fledgling birds learning to fly. Let them give you hope and strength to move on and work your way through any problem in your life. Visualise yourself living in the way you want to live, caring, nurturing but strong and connecting with everything around you.

The peony in my garden is now flowering and gives me joy every day as I look on its beautiful colours and petals. Look around you to find something which gives you joy too.


Sunday ramblings

I was not sure what to write about this morning so it is likely to be a bit of a ramble. I managed to take some photos of the stream mentioned last week so will post one here today. The day I took the photos someone had pushed a supermarket trolley down the bank. Unfortunately there was no way I could retrieve it but it has now gone so someone must have managed to get it out.

This morning it is foggy. What are those words of Keats ‘season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’? Today they had meaning. The dew from the fog showed up all the cobwebs but now is the time when the spiders come inside to find somewhere warmer. ¬†Although I can see the magic of the spider I do not like them in the house as I was bitten once by a spider and ended up in hospital for several days. So I am careful when they are near. They do not like chestnuts though so conkers in the windowsills do deter them.

Their magical webs always amaze me. They are so intricate and much stronger than you think, having had to remove one from across the back door so I could go out. What patience they must have to spin these webs. I shall be on the lookout for one to take photos of. How do you feel about their webs? Nature is amazing and so beautiful.