Being still

Being still can be hard to do. I am often sitting quite still watching the birds outside on the feeders. But although my body is still my mind is hyperactive and buzzing with things, kind of multi-tasking. Meditate and still your mind we are told. I have tried over the years to do this using various different techniques but don’t seem to be able to manage it perfectly. I can meditate if I do the kind of meditative journey. I like these and enjoy them, but just sitting silently is hard for me to do.

I read in the news about a woman who had decided to go on silent retreats and having done this several times, she was enabled to change her job and do exactly what she really wanted to do. So she felt the silent retreats had changed her life.

Other words used for the inner silence are often ‘go within’ to find the answers. Yes, this is something I can do because it is not necessarily for a long period of time. I can listen to my inner self and take on board what comes from that.

But I know many people who seem determined to keep busy whatever. They cannot stop for even short moments but have to do something or talk or look at their phones. It is as if they are frightened of sitting doing nothing but being still. Are they frightened of what they may find out about themselves and their feelings or is it something else. Many of us keep our emotions in check and put them aside when things have hurt us badly. We store these feelings inside somewhere and don’t allow them to the surface to be dealt with and healed. Is this why so many cannot be still and listen to their hearts and inner feelings? Learning to deal with deep hurts is important if we are to fulfil our lives and be at peace with ourselves and with others. How do you manage to find the stillness within you? Maybe you can give me some hints!


There is something special about snow. It is white and pure, dazzling when deep and glistens on the trees and ground.  I love the way it rests on the branches and on the shrubs like a layer of icing on a cake. I love to see the animal footprints on it when there are large areas of white snow. You can see where animals and birds have been that you might not actually see at other times.

It also muffles the noise so silence can prevail. Even the traffic noise is quieter. It gives me a feeling of peace as the incessant everyday noise of communal living fades into a quiet sleepy humming noise. It is still quite early in the morning as I write this but later there will be children around in the nearby gardens making snowmen and having snowball fights. There is enough snow in some places for toboggan rides as well. There is also a gusty wind which is blowing the snow from the rooftops.

But if you can’t go out in it then watch it as the snowflakes fall gracefully. Each snow flake is individual. There are many photos of individual snowflakes and you can see how amazing they all are. I am one of those who can’t go out in the snow but I can watch it falling and settling on the trees and the ground and see how beautiful it is knowing that each flake is unique. Nature is wonderful. Enjoy it while you can. Enjoy the stillness too.

My photo was taken yesterday in the garden here. I love the way the tree branches are outlined with snow.


Thoughts this week

I have been having short discussions with friends this week over goddesses and gods. I do not ‘worship’ any gods or goddesses. For me the characteristics of all of them can be found inside me at different times. They wait to appear when it is their time to appear and for me it is like Spirit, there is a part of it inside me as there is in all things.

I hear people talk about Norse gods, Greek Gods, Roman Gods, Welsh gods, etc but are they not all the same albeit with a different name? Are they not a part of us too? There are times when I might ask Cerridwen for help but for me that is asking my inner self for help, the deep part of me that is Cerridwen. The answer will always be found inside me.

I suspect I will get some sharp comments on this blog but everyone has a different opinion and I respect that. For me, it is simple, I can find all I need to find deep inside me. I just have to find the stillness that brings the knowledge I need.

So what are your thoughts on this?


Starting the day

I love the early mornings. It is often still and peaceful and it is so uplifting to watch the sun rise. This morning was such a morning, still, peaceful and easy to connect with all that is.

I have a morning ritual and have done this ritual in different forms for many years. Some days I just welcome the new day, another time I welcome the sun and the warmth and light it brings. On wet days I give thanks for the rain as it is generally needed to water the earth and enable the plants to grow. Other times I may welcome each direction in turn thanking them for the gifts they bring. Another way I sometimes use is to thank Mother Earth and Father Sky and offer them tobacco. Whatever I do, my day seems brighter and I am more able to cope with whatever life throws at me. The short time of stillness and connection stays with me throughout the day.

Do you have morning rituals? If so, what do you do? If not, why not try it and see if it makes any changes to your life. Here are the trees this morning with the early morning sun shining on them.


Time out and being still

Taking time out is important for us all. Many people rush around all day and often until the late evening. It is as if they have to always be on the go and find things to do so that they are always occupied. Are you one of these people?

Do you find it hard just to sit and be still even for a few minutes?

I have just been lucky enough to have three days away, time out for me but also time for my writing without other interruptions. However I also found the time to explore the woodland, to sit and watch the birds and trees. I also walked the labyrinth, each time in silent meditation.

If you learn to be still for just a few minutes every day, all kinds of things start to fall into place and life becomes easier and less hectic. Worries become less as your time out increases. The stillness helps you to get your life into perspective. Do you need to rush everywhere? Do you need to do all the mundane things in your life? Look at what you do every day and find a small space where you can just sit and be still. Watch the birds, listen to their singing or just sit with your eyes closed. See if it makes a difference to your life.

My photo this week is of one of the ponds in the grounds of Launde Abbey. I sat there for hours watching the reflections move in the water. Could you have done the same?laundereflections