Samhain ramblings

Someone commented on my blog last week that caring and nurturing are the same. Personally I don’t think so. I feel that nurturing is something deeper than caring. What are your thoughts on this?

But Samhain is upon us. For me this festival is one where I honour all my ancestors.  If we look back at our immediate ancestors we can see what traits they gave us. It is not just the physical traits although when I look in the mirror I can see that my face shape and structure is getting very like that of my grandmother. We start to act like they did when we get older but we also need to be aware of this as we can take on their bad traits if we are not careful. Having also worked on my family history I can see why my ancestors behaved as they did. Times have changed and we need to change with them.

It is also the start of the winter where I find that I withdraw from the outer world for some of the time at least. Like some animals I want to hibernate but our current world does not allow this so I have to do what I can to rest and replenish my energy. But it is also a time when we can have clear blue skies and crisp clean air which is very energising. So it is a time of alternating energies in a way, good days when I am energised and darker days when I wish to sleep. How do you feel during this time?

I have an interesting photo for you this week. It was taken in my grove of trees by my friend Simon. We have several photos of this tree but this one is a little more special. What do you make of the tree? I know that many of you follow this blog. Please comment as I love to read these as sometimes it helps to clarify my own thoughts and feelings.