Random thoughts for the current times

I’m not normally lost for words but I have found myself that way several times this week. Social media has a lot to answer for. I can see how good it is so people can keep in touch but the amount of fake news is not good and the divisive angry words of others are not good either. It is not a time for blame or for hate. It is a time to support each other.

This is a time of great change and hopefully the change will be for the better. It is a time to take stock of our lives and how we live them. Have we been buying the wrong kind of items so that stocks of what are truly needed are not available? Have we been happy with cheap slave type labour so we can have these wonderful electronic gadgets and very cheap clothes? Have we had lots of expensive holidays abroad with no thought to the carbon footprint changed by flying?

Have you noticed the good things that are happening? The air is cleaner so people will stay healthier and have less chance of getting ill. There is less noise so we can hear the bird song. We have time to sit and ponder, to reflect and to soak up the beauty of nature around us. If you can’t get out there are plenty of places you can go in your mind. Lots of places have opened up virtual tours on line so you can look at those. You can meditate and do your yoga or other exercise just the same.

Many are worried about what is happening but it is no good worrying even though that is easier to say than do. But what will be, will be. Think about the future and how it will be changed. We cannot go back to what it was like before. Take time to just be, to just sit and do nothing letting your body and mind rest. Above all take care of yourself.