We have had and still have hot weather, some days extremely hot but we have had no rain either until the last couple of days. Lack of rain causes a lot of other things. The reservoirs get low and some rivers dry up causing damage to their ecosystems. Water can be rationed as it has been in the past. I have been watering my little patch of garden using a watering can, but often feel guilty for using the water that way. But the plants need the water too as they are food for bees and other insects.

Animals also need water. A farmer on my news channel put out lots of trays of water and set up a camera to see what came to visit. She was amazed by the different things that came, from deer, birds, badgers, hares and other small animals. Hedgehogs and other nocturnal animals have stayed up late and can be seen in the early morning because they are looking for water. Water connects us all together. Without it we die.

Yet many people are still filling their paddling and swimming pools and using sprinklers on their gardens all day so their lawns stay green and some are still using hose pipes to wash the car. Many of us though are being more careful with our use of water.

Some years ago there were plans to build an eco village in the area where I lived at that time. They had grey water systems in place and many other kinds of energy saving plans but the local council thought it was all rubbish and refused to approve the plans. What a wonderful place it would have been to live!

It is time to take a look at our use of water as well as energy in general. But as I have said before, many don’t think it applies to them. We cannot keep taking water and other types of energy for granted. Farms are struggling to grow food that is good to eat due to lack of rainwater, animals are dying and many still squander what they have. Time for change. Are you ready and willing?

Pond drying out