Walking your talk

So many people promise to do things but never actually do what they say. I know of many who offer help but don’t follow through with the help and I find that very disappointing. There are many who say they will change something for the better but again that never happens.

I get lots of invitations to join groups on social media but I try to choose ones which may help me or where I can help others. I don’t like just reading posts and not commenting or clicking a button. In the past I have helped to organise or actually organise, various activities.

Organising such activities can take some time and the activities were such that you needed a yes or no response so that you knew how many would attend. I found that some people joined the group with no intention of actually attending but liked to say they were a member of that group. If you join a group that has an activity or activities then surely you want to take part in those activities. I find it disappointing when people join but don’t join in with the activity.

I used to run a distant healing group via email and had many people willing to send out healing to those who asked for it. So I sent out an email with details of those requesting healing each week and hoped that my members would actually send out the healing energy. After some time I discovered that this was not actually happening. If you make a promise to send out healing each week then you should do it. It doesn’t take long. If you don’t then I feel that you are not walking your talk.

I try to do as I promise and help others along their paths. I am told that because I do this for free then people don’t value it and that I should charge for the healing. Many of those asking for help cannot afford to pay and my reward is to see them having a better life. Money is meaningless when you don’t have any. I offered some soft toys I have knitted during the last 18 months to a charity which helps those less well off mainly refugees. The look on the woman’s face as I made the offer told me how much this was appreciated and that is all I need for doing this. So in the next few weeks I shall be sorting out my stash of knitted toys to take down to this charity so that children with no toys can have something to cuddle to help them feel safer. I am walking my talk or at least I am trying to do that.