The new normal

I keep hearing people say how good it will be to get back to normal. But there is no going back to the normal we had before. Too much has changed. So would would you like the new normal to be like? Some weeks ago I wrote about my vision of the future and that vision is still true for me.

Social distancing has made people look to themselves and their families more and many have learned how important family are and how much love they can give and receive. Many have found ways to be inventive and creative and many have found that their connection to each other and the world around them is most important. A man stated on the TV that he had taught his young son how to ride a bike and that no amount of money could replace that feeling of joy and connection.

Many have learned to look inside their hearts and find exactly what they want to do and want to be, many have found out who they really are as well. They have learned to care for others, to often put the welfare of others first and but also learned how to care for themselves. Many will find that long commutes to work are not worth it and look for work nearer home. There are so many benefits to be found from this period of time. It is in many ways a gift to us so we can find ourselves and find ways to change our world for the better.

We can create our new normal simply by thinking about it more and not thinking about what the government would like us to think about. Thoughts are energy so use them wisely. Create the world you would like inside your mind and visualise it each day so that it becomes reality in the near future.

I watched a Youtube video last night and it speaks to me. It is called The Great Realisation. There are several versions of this but I like the one by TomFoolery.

Just think and create your version of normal. Stay safe.