Releasing and letting go

During this time of chaos while we build our new world it is good to do some releasing and letting go. This can be as simple as getting rid of things you no longer need such as clothes and furniture. Many have already done this.

But it is also good to get rid of those old habits which are not really right for this time. There are also old ways of thinking and these can go too being replaced by more pertinent ways and different ways of perceiving things. But what about all those feelings you hold tight to, feelings of hate, of dislike, of rejection, of injustice,etc? These too need to be released in some way and healed. You can then bring in the feelings of love, peace, justice, etc. This time is a transition time between the old world and the new one. Think about what you want in your new world. Do you want it full of hate and division or do you want it full of love and peace.

Remember that what you ‘put out’ or think about can become reality so concentrate on the good things. I have been doing a card for the day this week for a small healing group that I started on Facebook. There was a theme of transition, strength, honouring your inner knowing and about standing up and being counted.

So think hard about the new world you want to see and prepare for it by letting go of the things, emotions and thoughts that you no longer need.

One thing after another

Why does everything happen at the same time? Or as is happening now, it is one thing after another. Little minor health things and other little things to do with everyday living are building up one after the other. It seems that there is never a gap between each thing that happens and they just follow one another before you have fully recovered from the first one.  And somehow I have to fit in the everyday chores of living, cleaning, washing and cooking, etc. But this is a sign of our chaotic world I suppose. Even the weather is chaotic and not normal for the time of the year.

So how do we cope with this kind of thing? Going with the flow was always something I advocated but now even the flow is turbulent so I am not sure I want to just go with it. What I decided to do in the end was to sit back for a few moments and think of ways of calming or taking my mind off what was going on. Music is good for me and I love to listen to it all day. I have my favourite music as well, some of which can be very inspiring but is not necessarily the right kind of music to calm me down.

Again I like to read but some fiction can be relaxing while other fiction can be just the opposite and have you wondering what is going to happen next in the story. I have started painting again which I do find relaxing and takes my mind off other things too but inspiring music is good for this. I love the soaring music of Rachmaninov but I also love the soul searching music of Shostakovich as well. But neither of these are really calming although they do make me feel better.

Just sitting by the window and looking out on the garden is calming. I can watch the birds and butterflies which are still around and relax for a while. The simplest way to relax or calm down is to do some breathing exercises, taking deep breaths to slow everything down. You only need a couple of minutes and you can feel much calmer then.

I wonder how long this chaos will continue. Everything I read about it states that all will be well in the end and that all the hidden corruption and badness in the world will come to the surface to be healed and then we will learn to be who we are meant to be, compassionate, respectful, loving towards each other and helping each other to live a joyful and peaceful life. I hope I’m still around when this happens!