February ramblings

There is no specific theme to my blog this week as I hadn’t really thought about writing it. It has been a hectic week mainly spent packing boxes and plastic crates with books and craft items ready to move next Tuesday, or at least do the first part of the move. When you have a lot of books and files you need a lot of boxes and once the shelves are empty where do you put the boxes. That’s one reason I move in two parts.

On Thursday I went with my son to visit my new place and it was a beautiful day. The sun shone and there was some warmth in it too. We explored the grounds around the housing complex and saw the squirrels in the trees and listened to the birds and the burbling of the stream at the bottom of the garden. During the journey we saw lots of red kites in the sky, such beautiful birds and this is red kite country so more to look forward to.

Back home I had the privilege of seeing the heron take fish from my neighbours pond. The heron is often around but this is the first time I saw him with a fish. The primroses are out and some of the dwarf iris and other spring plants are starting to bloom as well. This brings me a great feeling of hope. The natural world is still doing what it does even though the humans are restricted in what they do. The birds are starting to find a partner and there is a lot of display from the pigeons. The fox has also been to visit and walked down the garden in full view. It seemed like an old fox. He probably comes every day but I don’t always get to see him.

I had a large number of plants in pots, some of which I had grown from seed. These have all now found new homes where they will be cherished and have a long life. I hope to have a small garden space somewhere after my move but is still to be negotiated so I let all my wonderful plants go to people who will look after them and understand the importance of wild life. So back to more packing now.

Moving forward

Now the Spring Equinox has come and gone and the summer time clock change has also been done, I feel I can give a sigh of relief. How much better I feel with more daylight. I am also in the middle of a house move and I don’t think I have ever felt so exhausted as I do at the moment. Moving house is always stressful and I have a lot of books and craft boxes to move.

The first part of the move has been done and I spent some time last week sitting in my new bungalow enjoying the lightness of the room which has two large windows. Even with the curtains closed it was light and airy and I did enjoy that brief spell sitting and resting. I will have a garden too with lots of plants for butterflies to enjoy. There is also an unknown fruit tree which I shall watch carefully.

What I am really looking forward to is the space I shall have so I can create not only by writing but by painting and crafting. I have really missed these activities over the last couple of years. I shall also enjoy meeting my old friends and making new ones. I do feel I am moving forward after a spell of doing nothing.

Next weekend I shall be staying in my new home but with no internet access so there will be no blog next week. But the week after I hope to be back to my normal writing spot.