Mists and frosts

The other day it was very misty. Mist makes everything look magical especially when the mist is moving. The trees loom out of the mist and look stark and forbidding.

This morning everywhere was white with a heavy frost. The sun is now shining and the frost starting to melt. In the garden, the remaining flowers and leaves are like jewels, with diamond like spots of melting ice. It is beautiful. I wonder how many others have noticed the beauty of nature this morning or they all still in bed? Have you looked outside this morning at your garden or surroundings to see what nature has gifted you? Be aware, look, listen and observe closely what you can see. The beauty of nature can help you to get through any bad times, it can make you feel so much better. If you live in a flat and have no garden, have indoor plants in pots. They too can reward you with new leaves and flowers. But you will need to care for them too.