Carrying on

What a week this has been, a resurgence of a health problem and awful weather. It has rained for the last 3 days without much of a break. It also took almost 3 days to get a response from the Medical Centre but now I am on the mend.

But what I really want to write about is how I for one, am carrying on during this period of restrictions on my life. I am a perpetual student since starting with the Open University in its early years when I studied for a degree and then for a higher research degree. At one point I worked for the Open University and we could do courses free so I carried on with more courses.

After I moved to a different job I carried on studying but took many courses on alternative medicine and esoteric subjects such as numerology, astrology and the tarot. There are only a few years when I have not been doing some kind of course. The swathe of time I have now because I am not doing the things I did before the pandemic has given me more opportunities to learn something different or refresh something I learned a long time ago. Many things have changed over the years so what I learned twenty years ago could be quite different today. Looking around I found lots of different courses on the internet and there were a large number to choose from. Many were at reduced prices, perhaps to encourage people to study and learn during this time. It does keep the mind active and as my physical health deteriorates, keeping my mental health going is important.

I was not going to do much about new courses until a couple of friends suggested that it would be good during the dark winter months so that I stayed mentally active. So yesterday I searched around and found several courses I wanted to do, all at a much reduced price so I enrolled for three of them and will save the others until later. There were several other courses which caught my eye so I will save them for later. You learn something new every day of course and I believe in that a lot.

The joy of being outdoors

I started to walk a short distance a couple of weeks ago and after walking each day I can now walk a bit further and get into my local country park. What joy to be out there! There is so much space and I connect to Mother Earth via my feet and look up at the sky. The trees are green, the birds are singing and the small river/stream is burbling away. I am so lucky to be able to do this as there are many who do not have that pleasure because of where and how they live.

I love the space and always have done. I hate being confined and I do not like lifts or elevators as they are called in other countries. It took me around 50 years to discover why I did not like to be in small spaces. But doing some work on the emotional ties connecting me to my mother I realised that this hate of confined spaces was because I was born during the war and my mother would not go into the bomb shelter but huddled in the space under the stairs. I remember this space well and it was not very big. So there was my mother huddling while pregnant and then after my birth I was taken into the space with her. No wonder I don’t like confined spaces.

But back to my walks in the park. There are the joggers and the dog walkers all keeping the distancing as required but we nod greetings to each other as we pass. I love to stand by the old stone bridge and watch the stream rippling away in the sunshine. I have seen thrushes which I don’t get in the garden and squirrels playing in the trees. It is so good for me to be out there and any depression I may have soon lifts. It is well known that being outdoors is good for mental health. I have chatted with friends this week keeping our distance as required but we have had some interesting discussions about our new world which is on the way.

I shall continue my walks as long as I can and enjoy the open space and clean fresh air. I am looking forward to when I can see the demoiselle damselflies which can usually be found by the stone bridge. I keep looking but they haven’t hatched out yet.

I hope you are able to get out into some green open spaces, they are so good for you.