Yesterday a post on social media caught my eye. It said something about expectations; ‘Don’t expect anything in life. Expectations hurt a lot. When you don’t expect, every moment is a surprise and surprises bring happiness.’ So is this true? Some years ago I wrote about expectation in this blog and I am reposting an edited version here.

Some time ago I saw some words which resonated with me in a big way. The words were ‘The expectations of others were
the bars I used for my own cage’ We all expect things of others but how much should this affect our lives. As a child my
mother had great expectations of me. I was expected to do well at the things she missed out on like going to the grammar
school then on to university, etc. Unfortunately I did not go to university straight after school as I was unable to take the A level subjects I wanted to do. So I left school and got a job. For the rest of my life I had to endure my mother complaining that I had not done what I should have done with my life and that I had let her down.

Luckily for me I was strong enough to find my own way in life and do what I wished to do so my life was mine and I was not
living the life she had wanted for herself. How much do others expectations affect our lives? Do we do what others want us to
do to keep the peace? Or do we strike out on our own? How many people do you know who live their lives according to the
wishes of others but are not happy? What is most important, to be ourselves or to be the person other people would like us to
be? I have always tried to be true to myself, to follow my heart and to do what I feel is most important to me. This did and still
does not go down well with some people I know. I remember saying to my children when they were in their early teens that it was not a crime to be different. They did not have to do what everyone else did if they did not want to.

So here I am, eighty in a couple of months, writing blogs and researching local and family history, creating wall hangings and other art work and being just who I want to be without interference from others. Is this wrong?

A final note; I have been out visiting a fairly local nature reserve the last couple of weeks. It is over a year since I last went there and was unsure what to expect. (That word expect again!) But I kept an open mind and knowing that spring was on the way I knew that there would be things to see. I was not disappointed and saw more than I thought I would.