This weeks blog is linked to the one from last week about caring. Support and caring go together in many ways. I see part of my life as a druid as being of service to others, helping, caring and supporting. So what do we mean when we talk about support? It is often thought of as financial support which is good for those who need to buy something important so they can live their lives safely as it helps them to get what they need such as grab bars in a bathroom or kitchen or a walking aid or bathroom aid. I have a lot of these aids to help me live my daily life. I have gadgets to help with opening tins and jars or bottles for example. Without these gadgets I would really struggle and have to change the way I eat and cook. I also use walking aids which enable me to get out and about.

But support is not just about financial support. It is about being there for people, helping them with everyday tasks and encouraging them when they feel down. You need to be aware of what they need in their lives so that you give the right kind of support. Sometimes, just a hug helps. People who need support are often disabled in some way and quite vulnerable on their bad days. You need to be aware of when this happens so you can be there to help and support in whatever way is needed. I have one friend who visits when she has finished work. She always asks if there is anything I need from the shop as she will get it and bring it with her. Even though I might not need anything, it is the thought that counts and she is very supportive. I hope I support her in different ways. Just listening is a kind of support. Sometimes problems seem much less when they are shared even though the problem still remains.

This week I have had a back problem which is getting better slowly. It means I cannot do a lot of the things I usually do. I have managed though as I normally do but the house needs a clean that will have to wait. Hopefully any visitors will understand this. I have heard people say about houses they have visited that the house was dirty or untidy. This may be because the person living in the house is unable to do the cleaning and an offer of help would have been appreciated.

So being aware of when support or help of some kind is needed is very important. Are you aware of any one who needs some kind of support or help? And do you offer what is needed?


The strength of a spiritual path

If you follow a spiritual path, does this help you through the bad times? It is a question often asked by some and discussed by others. I know that my spiritual path has helped me through difficult times. There was a really bad time several years ago when I often thought that if I did not wake up in the morning it would be fine. But, something helped me through this patch. Was it the thought of what I still needed to do with my life? Was it the thought that others would be hurt? Whatever it was, I came through this bad patch much stronger and more able to cope when the next bad patch arrived.

I hear of young people taking their own lives and find this very sad. We are failing our young people, we ignore them and do not listen when they need to talk. Our communities have long gone due to the lack of work around our home areas so people move away and leave behind their families. Some families split because of arguments and feuds and leave the most vulnerable of the family members without support. We need to look at what community really is and how a spiritual path can help. I am not talking about God in this spiritual path but the way we live our lives and see the connections between us all and our landscapes and those that live on it. A good community supports every one when in need and this is sadly lacking in our current world. Think, listen and support should be words we use in their widest sense. Listening to someone who is hurting is a way of healing and it is free to all of us. Taking a walk in nature is healing too and can bring peace to troubled minds. But it is not that simple I know so please do what you can to help those in need.

Photo taken by Simon Hall in Bourne Woods