Working together

Up until the last few months all my ceremonies have been solitary ones. Now I visit a friend and we celebrate with other friends at the time of each festival. I also celebrate the full moon with a couple of friends at home. It is so different doing this. The energy is different of course and some times the words we say have a very profound effect on us.

On Friday we used an older version of a solstice ritual that I found in my archives. The main theme of this ritual was peace, love and the land. It felt very appropriate for the current time and the words sounded very powerful. For me these three words, peace, love,and land are so important they are an integral part of me. My druid focus is always on these three things, not always in the same order but all three together at all times. They are three things I feel I must focus on every day and I hope that others feel this way. Our world has to change but there don’t seem enough of us to do this. Words and thoughts are energy. Can you use these three words to help change our world?