More choices and some other thoughts

It looks as if we here in the UK are going to have to decide for ourselves what is best for us to do in the next few weeks and months. Being sensible about things would be a good idea like not going in crowds and crowded places. There are some people around who do not think of others at any time and just go on their way passing on to others the thing that they do not want at all. I am being careful how I word things here as I do not want to get banned fro anything at the moment and you can’t be too careful but I am sure you all understand what I am saying.

Our lives are changing in many ways and we are all having to make choices about what to do and where to go. One of the things I have noticed is that children nowadays do not play in the dirt. Every surface is sanitised and they never come into contact with dirt. This leaves them with no immunity to whatever is in the dirt. Another thing they don’t do generally is walk and talk together. Many of them seem glued to the phones in their hands.

There is so much to see out there in the hedgerows and bushes. I am lucky enough this last few weeks to see butterflies that I have not seen before. This for me is a wonderful thing. I like to sit outside in the shade and watch all the insects flying around. I am discovering the different bees now as well and have taken photos of some of them. There are a lot of different insects that I have noticed and there are so many varieties of them too. Ladybirds are one example. There are 47 species of these in the UK alone and many more worldwide. I like to see how many spots they have and also how different their larvae look. They are not all red either. But they are tiny and often go unnoticed by passers-by.

It is extremely hot this morning so another choice to make. I shall go outside shortly to check whether my small garden patch needs watering and then stay inside for the rest of the day. Each day brings choices of one kind or another and we make choices without thinking at times but some choices need a lot of thought and I am still working on some of these. I do feel though that my original thought is always the best and that is my gut reaction so I do tend to follow that.

Being one with nature

Just about half a mile from my home is a lovely short walk along a public footpath much used by dog walkers. The path runs alongside the river through small woods and open fields. It is only perhaps half a mile long as well. But it is such an amazing place to be.This last week I went with a friend and as we entered the first bit of woodland it seemed that magic was at play. The sun shone through the branches and changed the way everything looked. As the trees seemed to join overhead it was like walking through an archway of trees. In the open field part, the path still runs along the side of the river. There were so many tiny snails on dying nettle plants and different types of ladybirds on the cow parsley that I stopped to take lots of photos. Then entering the second tiny wood was even more magical. The sun illuminated the path and drew you in.

I felt totally at One with the landscape, as if I was not just standing on the earth and watching but as if I was actually a part of it. This feeling is very hard to describe. If you have felt this then do let me know how you describe it. I wondered about those walking their dogs. Did they just enjoy the walk or did they see more of the natural world? And what did they feel?

It is so easy to just walk along a path or field and not ‘see’ any of the wonderful things that the natural world has to offer us. The birds were singing and every so often the call of the moorhen could be heard. My friend started to hum in tune with our Mother Earth while I wanted to chant and sing. It was such a wonderful feeling and I am sure my heartbeat was the same as that of Mother Earth. Have you ever experienced this feeling? If so do let me know about it. Sharing is good for us all. If you have not yet had this experience then do try to find the time to explore any local patch of nature. You will be amazed at what you can find and feel.