Random acts of kindness

It is that time of year when people think more about helping others than they do for the rest of the year. I have seen many recent examples of this on social media, people buying much needed items for the homeless and others doing secret Santas where gifts of food and other items are packed and given to those who need them but done secretly.

Random acts of kindness though are things that should happen every day. ‘Small everyday needs, small acts of kindness and love’ are important. These can be as simple as a smile for someone or helping someone to get something from a higher shelf in the supermarket. I have always been one of those people who hold doors open for those coming after me even though I struggle myself with some heavy doors. It is about helping others, giving up your seat on the bus or helping someone to get on the bus with their shopping trolley.

I have also noticed that saying ‘Good morning’ to people as you walk down the street means they respond in kind. For some who live alone that might be the only conversation they have that day so it is important to greet them. Telling your friend how nice they look is also a good act of kindness. It makes them feel better too. It is good to let people know that you care about them. I often send cards to friends who I have not seen for a while so they know I still think about them. There are thousands of ways to give random acts of kindness so please try this and try to do one act everyday. It makes a difference not only to that other person but to you yourself.