Spring cleaning and letting go

A friend made a comment about my last post and the way the leaves and catkins from last year were still clinging to the trees. They don’t want to let go, she told me. For some unknown reason nature is doing what we do all the time. We do not let things go, whether they are physical things, mental or emotional things.

Spring is well on its way now and it is time to clear out all the things we no longer need. These can be items such as clothes, household goods and bric a brac. Or they can be emotional things or thoughts that are no longer right for us or even friendships that no longer work for us.

I have started on my spring cleaning already. I have lots of craft items I no longer use and knitting wool I can no longer use either because of my arthritis, so all of these will find a new home soon. As for emotions such as envy and hate, these also need to be dealt with as they can cause stress and illness if ignored. Forgiveness is essential if you want to move on and envying others can be resolved by counting your blessings, something some people never do. Letting friends go can be hard and some people fear being alone for a while until new friends arrive. But this is the way life works. Change is essential in whatever form so we can grow and mature and move along our path in life. Don’t hang onto things just for the sake of it, there is more to life than that and there is more on the way, lots of positive things too if we look beneath the surface.

Here is a photo of forsythia taken last spring to cheer us all up.