What a week!

I woke up last Sunday with a sore throat. This is unusual for me as I don’t normally get sore throats and colds. So why now? I have moved house and area and now live higher up than I have done for years. I am north west of where I was before and it is colder too. I also live near large open spaces where the wind blows strongly and brings with it all kinds of things. So how much difference does the area you live in have on your health. I remember having colds as a child but things were different in those days just after the end of the War. We were not so molly coddled either and went to school with colds and old rags to blow our noses on. Tissues were not invented then or if they were they were a luxury item like toilet tissue which was definitely not as we know it now.

So my sore throat developed into a heavy cold and then a cough and in the end I resorted to old remedies to help. An elderflower linctus  made by a friend and the old fashioned Vick vapour rub (mainly Menthol and Eucalyptus). I remember using Vick for many years as my mother rubbed it onto my chest before I went to bed. But these old remedies have worked and I am much better now.

There is something about old remedies. It is so easy to turn to the chemists counter in shops such as Boots and buy the modern version of pills and linctus for coughs and colds. But I have noticed recently that this firm are making more traditional remedies too. I feel that many people are fed up of remedies that have so many side effects that you need other medicines to help with those and so many are turning to the more natural old fashioned remedies which we know work safely. Our mothers knew a lot of these and it is good to still use them and know that they work.

Do you make or use the natural herbal remedies that your mother used? Would you be happy to share them?