Finding the good things

If you live in an area where there are a lot of restrictions you might be finding it hard to see what is good in your life. But there is so much out there that we can be grateful for and that are good. After a couple of weeks of illness I was looking forward to feeling better and I am gradually getting there but I have found much to bring me joy.

One thing that makes me feel really happy is that a hedgehog has started to use my garden and has found the food I left for him or her. Then this morning I watched the sun shining on the yellowing leaves of a neighbours tree. That is a beautiful thing in the morning and also gave me joy. We have had a lot of rain recently but I love to see the raindrops hanging from the washing line and on the leaves when the rain has stopped. They make the flowers look beautiful too. I have been able to start knitting and sewing again and this too makes me feel so happy. Creating things is something I love to do. Of course, music plays a large part in my life and I can listen to favourite music while I do other things. There is so much there to give me joy and happiness and is good.

If you focus on the bad things then they seem much bigger and much worse. It is better to focus on the good things however bad you feel and I know that that can be quite hard to do but it does help if you focus on the good things. The good things that bring joy and a smile are often the small things that can be missed. The other day I was outside in the garden with my son and the twenty or more birds in the hedge were all chirping at the same time. It was very loud and not really tuneful but it made me smile and feel happy. It was good to walk around the garden and see which flowers were still blooming and there were a lot of them.

Talking to friends is good too and never underestimate the value of just talking. We are social people mainly and enjoy the companionship of others. Living alone and in areas of restrictions has not helped people who are older and live alone so they have to make more effort to find the good things that are still there. But even cloud watching can be fun as you see how they change colours and shapes. So look for the good things out there and think about them not the bad things. Enjoy what you find.