Changing weather and how we deal with it

It has been a strange week where the weather has been concerned. It is nearing Midsummer Day but we still have very heavy showers with hail as well as heavy rain and bitterly cold and gusty winds. My peony has been flattened just as so many crops will have been. Some plants have stood up to the heavy rain while others have given up the fight.

In one of the daily newspapers this week was an item which caught my eye. The headline was ‘Britain to press EU to relax GM crop restrictions’.(–uk-pushes-europe-to-embrace-gm-crops-8654595.html)┬áThis move has come because of the disastrous year for growing crops. But is GM the answer?

Personally I don’t think so. Yes, we do need to look at how our climate is changing and how we grow crops, what type of crops we grow and how we also work with our livestock. But how do we ourselves deal with the weather as it is currently? Do we dress as if it was hot like we feel it should be in June or do we dress to fit the temperature as it actually is? Or do we accept that this is what it might be like in the future and change our ways of thinking about the summer time? We all feel better when the sun shines but it does shine in the winter too. Grey days can be very depressing but perhaps we should look at the overall picture and see what these changes can do for us. They do make us think more about what we eat and how we get our food as well as looking at what we wear and how we get our clothes. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? I feel sure there are many of you who read this blog will have a lot to say. I hope so. Discussion helps to clarify many points of view and ideas.

The photo below was taken before this weeks heavy rain but shows some good reflections. Let’s take some time to reflect on the changes the weather is bringing and how we can deal with these changes.