Taking time out

Last week I decided to take some time away from social media amd do things I really wanted to do and enjoy each day as it came. I did have a few appointments but decided to keep most of these. So what did I do? I spent time in the garden, sometimes just sitting and meditating on what I could see. I spent time with friends and did some creative sewing which I love.

I did have a quick read of my social media accounts but did not post or comment on anything preferring to let things go on as planned. I had a lovely afternoon out in some gardens belonging to a large house not too far away. It was wonderful to stroll through woodland and gardens I did not know. The views were tremendous.

So what did I gain from my time out, after all I was busy a lot of the time. I felt better and much closer to the natural world around me. I felt more attuned to the sounds of nature as well. I was less stressed as I had been busy over the last few months writing and talking to people about climate change. It is very easy to get involved in such things and let them take over your life so that you do or think about nothing else.

Climate change is of course very important and I hope that I have sown seeds of change with many people and via my book, sowed these seeds in others far away. But it is easy to overdo things and burn out which is when I decided to take a break. Taking a break also allows you to get things in perspective and see the overall picture not just the details. For me this time out has replenished my soul. So when things get hectic and seem out of control, stand back, take some time out and enjoy the natural world around you.


I have just spent a weekend away and in the village where I stayed, it was Open Gardens weekend. I love gardens so here was a chance to see what the gardens of other people were like. I visited twelve of these gardens and they were all so different. Much depended on the shape of the garden and its surroundings but it was so interesting to see what could be done with a little bit of imagination both in small and large gardens.

There were Buddhas, wooden toadstools and quiet zen like corners in many gardens but also seen were various catsĀ basking in the sunĀ and in one garden there were horses close by. Some gardens had views over the open countryside while others were enclosed by hedge and fences. But what a variety and what colours there were. Although there were many people going around these gardens there was often a feeling of peace and many had seats that you could sit on and reflect on your surroundings.

Do you have a garden? Is it quiet and peaceful? I ‘d love to hear about your gardens. Here is a photos from one of those I visited. There are many others on my Facebook page.