Weather sayings and more

This week I spent some time thinking about the weather sayings that we use. Things like March winds and April showers,and another one about March roaring in like a lion and going out like a lamb. There are sayings about the sunrise and sunset too. Red sky at night shepherds delight and red sky in the morning shepherds warning. The one I think about most and always look for the signs is Oak before ash means a splash while Ash before Oak means a soak. Another one that comes to mind is rain before 7, fine at 11.

There are many of these sayings and I often wonder how many are true or are they just something passed down through the generations. Like any other statement in the public view I try to observe to find out if it is true. Did the ancient ones watch the sky and see what colour the sunrise was and then plan their day accordingly? Did they follow the movements of the Moon as many do today before planting seeds and also doing other things?

As we see the press of today with their fake news and lies about people and what they do, it is important to look for the truth that is out there. Maybe that is why some of us look back at these sayings as there are many that do not have anything to do with the weather or the moon.Finding the truth is so important and often it is hidden away behind layers of lies and distortions.

I am finding more and more that being out in the natural world helps me to deal with the lies and distortions of the truth. Nature does not lie and gives me hope. I managed another trip out this week to a nearby nature reserve, a different one than the week before. It was good just to be out there , to see the new growth around me and to know that life goes on whatever we throw at it.

Where do we go from here?

This is the title of a blog I wrote some time ago during the Brexit hysteria in the UK. Most of it is relevant for today so I am reposting this blog with a few edits.

Ignorance breeds hatred and hatred breeds violence as we have often seen. But why do people stay ignorant of the real facts? Mainly this is the fault of the media and various prominent persons who encourage people to hate and look down on others. Some newspapers have admitted in the past that they have distorted the truth or even told lies in order to make sensational headlines. But the number of people who believe these headlines are true is amazing. We need to encourage all people to ‘read between the lines’, to find out what is true and what is just to gain popularity for some kind of cause.

When we learn to discern the truth then we can learn to respect other genuine points of view and learn to live together in peace. At the moment this seems a long way off as so many of our politicians, not just in the UK but in other countries, change the facts to suit their cause whether what they say is true or incites hatred of others. Then they wonder why violence occurs.

We had come so far in our society, understanding that colour and creed and sexuality are not the important things but that we are all human beings living on the same planet and should all have the same opportunities in life. But this week I think that what happened in America shamed the whole world. I look at what is going on in my own country as well and wonder if we are being brainwashed in some way. Have we lost our power of perception so that we do not see the truth around us? Where do we go from here? It is time to reflect on our path forward, to connect with the natural world around us and to join together to bring peace to our world.

Deep within the still centre of my being,

may I find peace.

Silently within the quiet of the Grove,

may I share peace.

Gently and powerfully,

within the greater circle of humankind,

may I radiate peace.

Separating the wheat from the chaff

The title is a well known saying and relates to the early ways of harvesting before machinery came along. But sorting out the wheat from the chaff relates to our modern life in many ways. We need to decide which things are good to buy or necessary. When we look at items to buy, do we choose the cheapest or do we look carefully and choose those with the best quality. Cheaper items often do not last long, they break or wear out quickly so really they are not a good buy. The same thoughts about what is good for us can relate to friendship as well. Friends who are always putting you down or insulting you are not good friends and you don’t need them. Again choose wisely and sort the good ones from the bad ones.

I think the phrase can be used when we look at the news, videos, broadcasts, newspapers, etc. We need to sift out the true news and leave the fake news behind. This is also good to do when people tell you stories about their lives and their neighbours. Is it true or fake?

But most of all the saying applies when you are on a spiritual path. There are a lot of people out there who only want to make money and will tell you that their way is better than any others. You need to look carefully at what each person offers, decide who is genuine and take that route. When the Reiki healing system came out, there were many who jumped into this and saw it as a way of making lots of money. ‘Have your attunements in Stonehenge as they will be much better than those done anywhere else’, I read in one advertisement some years ago. The price for this was beyond the reach of most people but there would be some who would pay. There were so many alterations to the system that it no longer was Reiki. So when looking for a guru or someone to guide you along your path, sort out the good ones.

Separating the wheat from the chaff is also about discernment. Take care and find the good ways and the good things to purchase.