Some food for thought

This blog is somewhat different from normal. Over the last week or so I have been pondering various questions. I am still thinking about some of the answers. So my blog this week is going to list the questions I have been pondering. The answers are for you to think about. They are not in any particular order.

Do you know who you are?

Are you ready to work for change?

Do you work with nature?

What is your vision?

How does what you do feel in your heart?

Do you trust what is in your heart?

Do you dare to dream?

Do you do things for yourself at the expense of others?

What is your vision of the future?

Do you take time to sit in silence and listen?

Do you need more or do you have enough?

Finally, I am a grandmother and have been thinking about what I want for my grandchildren. If you are a grandmother, what do you want for your grandchildren?