When things go wrong

There are a lot of things going wrong in the world today. Some are small while others are life changing. I always wonder why something has gone wrong when it does that. Is it something I forgot to do? Is it something I should have thought about a bit more before doing it? And so on.

Our world is rather chaotic at the moment while the pandemic goes on and our thoughts and perceptions change. One of the things to think about when something goes wrong for you is why it has happened. Did your mail order not arrive or was it the wrong item? Did you order something you needed or just order something you fancied?

Did you travel somewhere and then find yourself unable to get back because of some kind of failure in transport or because of quarantine? Was the urge to travel stronger than your urge to stay safe?

All these things that go wrong are there to make you think about what you are doing with your life. We all know that changes are around and we need to look at these changes and decide which ones are for the better for everyone not just yourself. If we want a world where people consider each other and respect each other then we have to look at how we behave and change our behaviour if necessary.

One thing which has horrified me during the pandemic is the huge use of plastics. Where are these plastic bags and masks going to end up? I have my groceries delivered because I am unable to carry them and always stated no bags. Now I have no choice and I have collected a box full of plastic carrier bags during the lockdown. I shall reuse as many as possible. The lesson here is that although I made a good choice, the current state of our country means I am unable to keep that choice.

There is so much to think about and when things go wrong we need to be aware of the why’s of this and how we can possibly make the right choices in future.

Going Forwards

There are now small changes appearing in our everyday lives. We can meet family if we live alone and form a ‘bubble’. This is good for many, like me, who live alone and have not been able to see family for some time. People are going back to work and summer holidays may be on the horizon as well as school for the children.

So we are moving on but life is different than it was before as ‘social distancing’ is still in place. The weeks spent at home have given me a lot of time to think. I have meditated and started doing a lot more Reiki as well as gardening and crafting and drawing. But it has made me think about lots of other things and I have been making decisions about my future. It has also made me realise what is really important although I already knew this. But the time alone has reinforced my thoughts about the future and what I want to do and where I want to be.

I understand that many others have found this time invaluable and helped them to make decisions about their futures. Unfortunately there are some who can’t wait for things to go back to what we had before and they have not taken the time to think about what is really important. But that is their choice. Life is lived on many different levels and what is important for some is much less important for others. The main thing to do is to accept the changes especially those that we can do nothing about. Change happens all the time so there is no need to make such a fuss about it really. A new way of living is needed so we can stop destroying the environment and eat better and buy things for the home that are more environmentally friendly. I will write more about my future plans next week perhaps but at the moment lots of things are in a ‘wobbly’ time and place. After the end of this month then maybe we will all get a break from eclipses and retrograde planets causing chaos and upheaval although I don’t think we have finished yet and there is a lot more to come. One thing I have done is set up a circle of friends to get together once a week to send out Reiki, love and light out into the universe. This feels right for me at this time and is working well.

Stay safe, with blessings of the Summer Solstice.

Reaching a crossroads

Crossroads are so different from a fork in the road. A fork in the road only gives you three choices, back or one of the forks. A crossroads gives four choices, back, one of the side roads, or forwards. Big choices to be made then.

I remember several years ago I was out walking in the woods with my friend Simon. We reached a crossroads on the tracks so sat down on the convenient bench that was there. We were undecided which way to go so I said that I’d sort it. I stood in the centre of the crossroads, invoked Great Spirit and asked for a sign for which road to take. As I sat down again on the bench I heard Simon say ‘Wow, just look at that’. I turned to see and there was a huge hare sitting in the centre of one of the tracks. As I looked the hare disappeared. There was our sign so that was the track we took. It led us to see deer, a slow worm and many different birds that we had not seen there before.

But sometimes, it is not so easy to decide which way to go. Do I go forward or do I take a road to the left or right? Or do you go back as you are not ready to take one of the other roads? Sometimes you know instinctively which is the right road. I do think that whichever road we take will be the right road for that moment in time. Later we may think it was the wrong one but I expect we learned something from that decision. I always feel that whichever way we choose, it is one we take to learn something and is part of our ever winding path of discovery.

This blog is rather short as I have a shoulder problem which is making typing difficult but hope to do more next week after a few days of rest away from home.

Choices and decisions

Over the years I have made many decisions and had many choices. How do I know I have made the right decision? How do I decide which of the choices to follow? When I look back I can see choices I made that I thought were good ones but turned out to be not quite so good later. Were these wrong choices? No, I don’t think they were. At the time that choice was the right one. Life is not perfect and we have many lessons to learn during our lifetime on this planet. So often we choose to do something that gives us a big lesson to learn.

If we look at our life as a journey then we are going to have twists and turns along the way. We are going to have choices which lead us in a different direction than others expect of us but we must always make the choices we feel are right for us and not be influenced by others. Sometimes I ‘chew over’ in my mind, my options about things. Do I do this or do I do something else? Sometimes I make a list of the good reasons and then a list of the bad reasons for doing something. But generally I go by my gut instinct.

One of the things I learned about making decisions was something that took some time to fathom out. I used to get invites to events and I would dither about whether to go or not. Eventually I learnt that if I dithered about going then I should not go. If my immediate response to the invite was to say yes than that was right.

My most recent decisions have been about moving house. I have been wanting to move for some time now but could not decide where to go and then words said by someone else triggered a decision and once I had made that decision everything else fell into place. The house I found to live in was sorted out in 3 days which is unheard of in the house rental business so this was so obviously the right house in the right place and at the right time. It felt right too and once I saw the house and the area it was in, I felt I had come home.

So how do you decide what choices to make? How do you make decisions? Do you find it easy to do this? My photo today shows a fork in the path. How do you know which way to go? What calls you?