Looking around me

It has been a busy week with little time for reflection. However a friend took me out for a couple of hours on Monday. This was good as we drove along quiet lanes looking at the trees now mainly bare of leaves. The country side looks so different at this time of the year. But it has been quite mild even though there has been a lot of rain.

The starlings crowd the bird feeder every day and now the fat balls have gone they are attacking the nuts and seeds. I have watched them for several months now as they come to feed. They have changed their plumage over this time and now look more like adults. Close up they are quite amazing but they don’t stay still long enough to get a good photo!

Also my son came over and took me to the country park where I watched a lonely cygnet which had been left now to fend for itself. It has almost lost its grey feathers but some remain. There is so much to seeĀ around you if you look. So many people walk around and don’t see anything at all. My son found some fungi which he photographed as well as other items which most people just pass by. Have we lost the ability to see what is around us? Do we notice the plants and the birds? Do we see the types of clouds in the sky? Or do we go on our way seeing nothing.