New Year Resolutions?

A new calendar year has dawned and many people make New Year Resolutions. I, myself, do not do this any more but I do make plans.

I look back at what I achieved during the last 12 months and decide how to move forward in the coming 12 months. Having just moved house, this includes practical plans such as buying items, disposing of other items and replacing some items for the house.

But most of my thoughts about the next 12 months revolve around my spiritual life.

What can I do to show others that there is a different way of living their lives?

What can I do to enhance my art and craft work?

There are many who say you should concentrate on the ‘now’ not the future’ but tomorrow’s ‘now’ is today’s ‘future’. I look at what I want to do and ‘see’ myself actually doing that thing. I concentrate on this vision of doing what I want to be doing and so far it seems to work. So I ‘see’ myself sitting in the conservatory painting landscapes in acrylics. I’ll let you know how this goes in the next few weeks. Below is an oil painting done a few years ago of a mountain landscape somewhere in the Lake District.