Miscellany of thoughts

It has been a strange week with lots of things to think about so here are a few of my thoughts from this week.

I have written about respect before but a brief thought here about it. I was watching a television programme this week when the subject of respect came up and how important it was to respect yourself and each other whatever age, creed or colour you were. No-one should feel superior to someone else because of colour, age or creed. Cheddar Man was brown as were most of our ancient predecessors. We all come from the same source.

Listening to my body has been important this week. Since I moved house I have ignored the listening and just got on with things, housework, gardening and eating junk food. This week my body rebelled so I had to listen. Too much pain and an upset stomach made me realise that I cannot go on as I have been doing. So hand some things over to others and look at my diet, cutting out the junk food.

Other thoughts have been about courtesy which is again about respect. If you are asked if you are coming to an event via email it is courtesy to respond. even if you are not coming. I run a group with about twelve people as members and after my last email about the next meeting I had five replies. Some of course will turn up even if they have not replied. I find this not good at all. After all I need to know how many teas to book!

But now I am listening to my body and going to make a decaf green tea and have a plain biscuit with it!




Respect for others

As a druid I have a strong belief in respect for others and for everything that is on our planet. This means that I respect the opinions of others even if I do not agree with them. I also respect the property of others too.

But nowadays it seems that respect has disappeared. I see politicians insulting each other and blaming others for their own misfortunes. I see people throw rubbish in the streets. I see dog owners allow their dogs to foul the footpath and not clean up afterwards as well as allowing dogs to stray into the gardens of others.

I see children shouting abuse at each other and wanting everything they see whether they need it or not. I have had shop doors allowed to bang back into my face even though I use a crutch to walk around. I have always held a door open for someone whoever they are and however old they are, It is both courtesy and respect.

Have you noticed how this kind of thing has changed? And what can you do about it? I try to set an example but there are so many who just do not want to know about courtesy and respect. What are your thoughts on this?