Emotional times and hope

August has always been a difficult time for me emotionally for various reasons. Grief is foremost at that time even though those I grieve for may have passed over twenty years ago. There is also a deep sadness at their loss knowing what they could have achieved if still here. But these things are meant to be and you learn to live with their loss. It does get easier generally but there are times when I feel as if it was yesterday and the emotions run high.

As an empath, world events affect me daily and again I feel a deep sadness over recent events. I don’t feel anger as that would lead nowhere but I do feel this sadness at what has been happening all over the world. However I do have hope.

I have done a lot of reading and a lot of listening and I understand, and this is my point of view, that we all need to find our spiritual connection to the earth. We need to feel the earth beneath our feet, listen to what she is saying to us, listen to the trees and the animals that live on our planet. If we listen carefully then we can hear them and learn to do what they ask of us. It is quite simple really. Find that connection and the understanding that everything on our planet is connected in one way or another. You only have to think about what I was taught at school about the food chain and see how each species is connected to another species. We are the human species and we are connected to all the other species in some way or another. Find that deep contentment that comes from being in nature. Let your emotions flow into the earth to be healed and find joy amongst the trees and plants and the many insects some of whom have wonderful colours.

There is joy out there if you go outside and search. I find joy in the simple things like sitting on a seat overlooking a local lake and watching the birds on the water and seeing the dragonflies flitting about. Being by water is good for the emotions especially flowing water or the sea. It cleanses and heals too. So forget your anger and hate and go and find the joy outside in our wonderful natural world.

The new normal

I keep hearing people say how good it will be to get back to normal. But there is no going back to the normal we had before. Too much has changed. So would would you like the new normal to be like? Some weeks ago I wrote about my vision of the future and that vision is still true for me.

Social distancing has made people look to themselves and their families more and many have learned how important family are and how much love they can give and receive. Many have found ways to be inventive and creative and many have found that their connection to each other and the world around them is most important. A man stated on the TV that he had taught his young son how to ride a bike and that no amount of money could replace that feeling of joy and connection.

Many have learned to look inside their hearts and find exactly what they want to do and want to be, many have found out who they really are as well. They have learned to care for others, to often put the welfare of others first and but also learned how to care for themselves. Many will find that long commutes to work are not worth it and look for work nearer home. There are so many benefits to be found from this period of time. It is in many ways a gift to us so we can find ourselves and find ways to change our world for the better.

We can create our new normal simply by thinking about it more and not thinking about what the government would like us to think about. Thoughts are energy so use them wisely. Create the world you would like inside your mind and visualise it each day so that it becomes reality in the near future.

I watched a Youtube video last night and it speaks to me. It is called The Great Realisation. There are several versions of this but I like the one by TomFoolery. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nw5KQMXDiM4

Just think and create your version of normal. Stay safe.

Realising what is important

Having time away from the chaos of everyday life as it was a few weeks ago brings a lot of time for reflection and inner work. By now many of us will have started to think about what is really important in our lives. The first thing to do is to look at what you already have. If you have children or a partner then you have them around you and they are important to you. But do you show them how important they are to you? Do you help them, care for them, make sure they are safe, feed them and nourish them on all levels? Is there a true connection between you all?

Our lives are slowing down and we are able to take the time to do things in a leisurely way not frantically trying to get things done because of lack of time. Be mindful when you do things. For example I have been putting small seedlings into larger trays or pots and doing this makes me feel so good with my hands in the earth and I will those seedlings to grow strong and sturdy to withstand whatever the weather brings.

My connection to the natural world in my garden is growing stronger each day and I am even starting to talk to the birds who come to visit. I have robins, wrens, starlings, blackbirds and lots of sparrows as well as other occasional visitors. I have noticed the butterflies this week, three different types too. Last night I noticed a large cloud in the sky which had the shape of a bird. It was like the dove of peace and I felt it was important.

It is a time now to think about what we need and what we want. I saw some comments yesterday on social media about some item for sale and these comments were ‘must have’ or ‘want’. Please think about what you are saying and feeling. Reflect on what you really need in your life and it might not be what you think it is. This time is precious for your soul so make the most of it and look anew at how you live your life and what is most important to you.

My kind of druidry

I am often asked what I do as a druid. Every druid will give you a different answer so here is mine. For me it is a way of establishing a connection with nature, of strengthening that connection and understanding how everything is connected.

So I have a connection with Mother Earth, the Moon, the Stars and planets, the four elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water, the Seasons, animals, stones and plants and our Ancestors. In fact all that there is on our planet. This is a living system and so is my druidry, evolving and changing as needed.

I find druidry gives me a philosophy, a way of looking at things, a way which emphasises how everything is connected. It also helps me to look at ways of preserving our environment for those who come after us. Another aspect of my druidry is the way it allows me to get back in touch with Nature by working in special ways.

Life is a journey and being a druid helps me to understand that and each part of the journey as it comes along, the twists and turns of life, the challenges and the rewards. Each morning I open the door and breathe in the new day. I eat my breakfast while watching the birds, the trees and all of nature in my garden. I live my life each day as a druid, noticing the connections and how amazing our world really is.

I do not need to do ceremonies to celebrate the seasons or other things as they are part of my daily recognition of changes when I open the door. I don’t need to wear a robe to tell me I am a druid. I might wear one if I am officiating at a handfasting or other similar event but I feel I do not need one otherwise. I am a druid and I know that and live each day in a druid way so no robe is needed.

I am sure many of you will think differently to me but that is fine. We are all unique and no two persons are exactly alike. My photo was taken in my garden and show the amazing colours that nature give us.

Everyday rituals

I know many people who shudder at the word ‘ritual’. They see it as something bad and horrible. But our daily life is full of rituals. Making a pot of tea is a ritual and pouring it into a cup is even more so. Do you warm the pot first? Do you add milk to your cup before or after? Have a look at the things you do each day and see how many are rituals. You may be surprised.

But let’s look at some kind of rituals. One I do each morning when I get up is open the door (I only have one door to the outside) and let the stale air out and new fresh air in. I stand there quietly for a few minutes and breath in the morning air. I look at the sky, the birds flying around and listen to them chirping and singing. It is quiet and I can hear traffic on the bypass. It is a few moments of stillness before I start my day and it is special for me to do this. While I am doing this I am also connecting to the elements around me and becoming a part of them. This morning it was raining gently and I let the rain fall on my face. It is a daily ritual but full of meaning and mindfulness.

While eating my breakfast I sit facing the window so I can see the sky and the birds on the feeders. As I do this every day then it becomes another ritual. For the druid rituals for celebrating the seasons and festivals I prefer to use the word celebration as that is what it is. To me it only becomes a ritual if you do the same things each time and I do not do this as I prefer to work spontaneously. A final word here; writing my blog on a Sunday morning is another ritual. I spend time thinking about my theme for the blog, find a photo to add and then write straight from my heart.

I’d love to read your thoughts on ritual and what it means to you.