Some random thoughts

It is Mothers Day here in the UK where we honour our mothers and give them presents. But should we not honour our mothers every day for what they did for us and often still do for us every day? After all we wouldn’t be here without them.

A visit to a local park made me look at and think about boundaries. The pair of swans were not allowing the Canadian geese anywhere near them and shooed them off noisily whenever one was spotted. The male mallard ducks were pursuing the females although there were many more males than females. Signs of Spring and also signs of setting boundaries. Do we set boundaries around us and our properties and how do we do this?

The days are getting longer as dawn is much earlier and sunset later. It is also warmer although a bit damp at times. It is time to do some clearing out really but I am packing for a house move. I am not clearing out any more books or other items as I did this last time and now need some of the items I cleared out. I have done this with books and then had to go and find another copy. As a writer I need books for reference as well as for my personal spiritual work. Are you good at clearing out?

I have been ‘giving’ Reiki to a friend this week. We have had several short sessions and these have been quite powerful for both of us. It has made me think that I should work with Reiki much more. Do you do any kind of healing work and if so how do you feel about what you do?

I am looking forward to settling in my new home next month when I can get back to my art work as well as my writing. I have felt a great need to paint again especially since looking at some of the art work from previous years. Do you find looking at what you have done in the past triggers a need to do more of that kind of work?

So random thoughts and questions for you to ponder. The photo is of the swan taking off after the goose.


An eventful week

It has been a busy week with lots of things happening. This is due to the amount of energy flying around after two eclipses and the Venus transit. I have been looking at moving house, yet again, I hear you say, but my environment is not ideal and I need trees around me or nearby for my spirit to flourish.

But this week I managed to walk in the park, feel the energy of the trees and listen to the rippling water of the river. These kind of things make such a lot of difference to how I feel and are important parts of my life. I am looking forward to moving to live near the park some time in the future.

I have also been clearing out items, clothing, bedding and furniture which I do not really need. This is therapeutic too and gives me a sense of release as well. It also makes space for other energies to come in as well. This week’s tree is a photo of an alder taken over 10 years ago in a field in Derbyshire. I wonder what you will make of it!