A blanket of calmness

Friday evening there was an eclipse and a full moon, the Snow Moon as well as a meteor the following morning. On Saturday morning I woke up to a thin blanket of snow on the ground. Very apt as it was the Snow Moon! Everywhere seemed so much quieter, peaceful and calm. I have noticed this many times before. The blanket of snow mutes the sounds of traffic and people and seems to calm everything down to a slower pace. It led me to thinking what a wonderful thing it could be if this happened in places that needed calm and quiet.

Words, thoughts and actions are all forms of energy. Have you ever noticed how the energy around you or a group of people, changes when you chant? Do you use singing bowls or other items which make resonating sounds? If so have you noticed how the energy changes when you use them? So how would the energy of our world change if there was a blanket of calmness around it and on it?

When you are calm you can think better, decide what is right for you and how you can change the things that are wrong. Calm brings clarity of thought, it brings peace and understanding. Maybe those who are protesting or protecting could send out this feeling of calm energy, the feeling of peace and the feeling of togetherness. Some protectors are doing this by holding sacred ceremonies and by praying. Is this the way to go?

Your thoughts as usual are welcomed.

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