Butterflies and transformation

There is something about a butterfly that inspires me. During the week I and a friend have spent some time trying to take photos of these wonderful things. There have been a lot of the large white and the small white butterflies around the garden, mainly on the lavender bushes and the Buddleia. But the coloured peacock ones were absent until Thursday when they arrived in their dozens. Taking photos of them requires patience as they fly off as soon as you get near. However photos were taken and one will be on here too. But what is so amazing about the butterfly is how it develops. From tiny eggs, caterpillars emerge. Sometimes these are quite beautiful while some are not so good-looking and gardeners do not generally like them as they eat the plants. Caterpillars change their skin as they grow, just like snakes do and then they turn into a pupae for the winter. Then in the spring a butterfly emerges. Transformation at its best. Other insects do this too, damselflies for example.

Which makes me think about transforming my own life? What can be transformed in your life? Sometimes, it is just about changing the way we view things, a change of perception, sometimes it can be a deeper change in how we do things. What transformations can you make in your life and how can you do them?

Two peacock butterflies in the photos, how amazing are their spots and what beautiful colours. You can see why they are named after the peacock.