Time out and being still

Taking time out is important for us all. Many people rush around all day and often until the late evening. It is as if they have to always be on the go and find things to do so that they are always occupied. Are you one of these people?

Do you find it hard just to sit and be still even for a few minutes?

I have just been lucky enough to have three days away, time out for me but also time for my writing without other interruptions. However I also found the time to explore the woodland, to sit and watch the birds and trees. I also walked the labyrinth, each time in silent meditation.

If you learn to be still for just a few minutes every day, all kinds of things start to fall into place and life becomes easier and less hectic. Worries become less as your time out increases. The stillness helps you to get your life into perspective. Do you need to rush everywhere? Do you need to do all the mundane things in your life? Look at what you do every day and find a small space where you can just sit and be still. Watch the birds, listen to their singing or just sit with your eyes closed. See if it makes a difference to your life.

My photo this week is of one of the ponds in the grounds of Launde Abbey. I sat there for hours watching the reflections move in the water. Could you have done the same?laundereflections