Feelings of achievement

This week has been a week when I feel I have been achieving things. My photography has improved and I have managed to get some really good photos. I also managed to walk (on my crutches) down to the river with a friend. On the way back we were blessed to see a young fledgling who came closer and allowed me to take a photo. What a bonus that was. Yesterday my son took me out to Langar again for a final visit before I have surgery on Thursday. Again I got a few good photos.

I have not been able to do so much for nearly a year now so I feel very good about things in general and am reasonably confident that my surgery will go well. (no blog next week on Sunday but maybe later) Looking at my photos and magnifying them on screen shows the delicacy and complications of nature. The delicate colours and feathers on the fledgling, the web like structure of the wings of a dragonfly, only seen when close up so perhaps not appreciated by others.

So what do you feel you have achieved this week?

I couldn’t make up my mind which photo to post so you have the dragonfly. Zoom in on it to see the detail.



Autumn Equinox

It is that time of the year again. The time of equal day and night. The mornings have been misty like a veil between the worlds and the spiders are busy in their webs which glisten in the mist. Yet there are still many flowers in bloom and the trees are still quite green but their colours do change each day going gold and brown. It is a beautiful time of the year.

For me it is a time of contemplation, a time to look back and see what I have achieved and also to see what didn’t get done and question why. It is also a time to make sure I have prepared for the coming winter so that if and when it arrives I have done what needs to be done. Meanwhile I shall enjoy the feeling of mystery as the mist rises and see the glory of nature in the webs of the spiders and the changing colour of the leaves.

How do you feel about this time of the year? Do you do anything special to celebrate?