December and more

What a start to this month! I love the crisp, cold and frosty ground with clear blue skies. Maybe the frost will kill off a few nasty bugs that have been going around. I did manage a short walk the other day with my son and it was lovely to just be out and about, something I have not been able to do very much recently because I have had one of those nasty cough type bugs (not the C one though). However our footpaths are not good at the moment and I don’t want to risk falling over and breaking bones so I am staying in apart from going out to fill up the bird feeders.

The bird feeders give me a lot of pleasure. I can focus on them with my camera from my kitchen window and watch the different birds in comfort. Blue tits, sparrows, dunnocks, a robin, coal tits and goldfinches are the main birds who come to feed but I saw a woodpecker the other day. The young squirrel keeps trying to get at the feeders but falls off mainly. Another resident feeds the squirrels.

I am a list maker so each week I make a list of jobs to do, washing, cleaning, baking, working on my web site, writing etc. However I realised one day that I do procrastinate and some jobs just move from one list to the next. But the writing jobs and web site stuff are my own decisions to do. I am retired and I don’t have to write or work on web sites. It is my choice so if I don’t want to do that work one week it doesn’t really matter. But I do like to keep my creative side working, hence writing these blogs.

My virus bug thing has left me quite tired with lots of aches from the coughing. The cold doesn’t help with this and I am wearing so many clothes in an effort to keep warm that I look like a very fat snowman. But I shall enjoy the clear blue sky and the sun shining through my window. After all it is much better than rain! And I have an excuse to rest….


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