Autumn Medley

The Autumn Equinox has already passed and October is here. There are definite signs of autumn around. As Keats put it ‘season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’ and so there are mists in the morning and the hedgerows are full of berries and crab apples. However there are many who do not notice these changes in the seasons. They walk or drive around not noticing the wonderful colour changes in the leaves or the abundance of hedgerow fruits. I feel that this is one of the problems of today’s world. Many have lost that connection with nature which is so important.

I have a small patch of garden here where I live and a small patch of hard ground where I grew veggies in large bags sitting on a pallet. Last week I bought one of those storage boxes for the garden to store my bird food and gardening things. Yesterday I decided to sort out the veggie bags and put the old plants on the compost heap. There were no beans or peas to collect but the pot of carrots reaped more than expected and I have some lovely small carrots to eat. Having tidied up canes and string and pots I felt very happy and also felt something difficult to define having worked with the earth and with plants. I suppose you could call it a deep satisfaction. It put the rest of my feelings about our current situation into perspective.

Recent storms around the world and government decisions are a wake-up call. It is time to think deeply about how we live. Here we pay a service charge for communal lighting and water and also electricity for communal areas and use of the laundry. We have been asked to think about the use of the laundry and only to wash full loads.One of the things I find is that many wash clothes at too high a temperature. This may be linked to the fact that clothes were often boiled to get them clean.Nowadays, manmade fabrics can be washed at lower temperatures and are much better dried outside or inside on a clothes airer where they dry naturally.

There are many other ways of cutting down on energy use but I will leave them for you to think about. Life should be enjoyed and we could focus on the good things in our lives and I am sure there are many and not focus on the bad stuff. What we think about most will come to us later so it is better to be positive and look for the joy in our lives. Imagine the world you would like to see and feel that it is what is going to be. Keep seeing this world in your mind every day so that it manifests.


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