A new era and what next?

One era has now ended and a new one is beginning. There is a lot of ‘conversation’ about whether we should have a monarchy or not but there are far more important things to think about I feel.

How would you feel if you lived in a country which was now covered in water for around a fifth of its area? You would have lost your home and all your belongings and would be struggling to live on small ridges of higher land. Your food would have been swept away too. Would you expect help from others? Another scenario which is quite possible is the large eruption of a volcano which could darken the sky for months. This has happened before and is likely to happen again at some point.

We all need water and food to live and clothes to keep us warm. Fire is also generally essential. Yet the threat of our changing climate is not taken seriously. Politicians seem to think only about themselves, being seen out in public and making money for themselves. We have known that our climate could change quite drastically for many years. It’s not something new but this years extreme heat in many places and extreme rainfall in others has brought the subject sharply into focus for some of us at least.

We need to decide what is most important for us, decide what is most important to do, and whether we want our planet and its inhabitants, all of them, to survive. If this is our decision then we must start to do something about it today, not tomorrow or next week or month but now. Do you want to lose our birds and butterflies and other insects? They all play an important part in our ecosystem. We are not alone in this.


1 thought on “A new era and what next?

  1. We must try in every way possible to save this planet from what Homo Sapiens Sapiens has brought upon it and all of it’s inhabitants, seen and unseen.
    Niá:wen Kowa -Thank you very much for your words.

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