This will be a short blog post as I did not intend to write one this week but events have forced my hand as it were. Respect for others, for the opinions of others, seems to have disappeared from our lives. The death of a well known person who did her job as well as she could deserves respect as does anyone else who worked hard. It doesn’t matter whether you believe in what she stood for or not, she has passed and left behind a grieving family and deserves respect as does any other family in a similar situation of grieving.

Much of what is going on now in the UK is part of a long held tradition which many of you will never have seen before. Those of us who are older and born before or during the second World War, have seen many old traditions die and some others carry on. If you don’t like what is on your TV then change channel or switch it off. A shop or factory closing for a day in respect is something that will happen whether you like it or not. Respect that decision and do something else with your life. If you don’t like the way these things are done then you either accept it or work to change those ways. Being nasty to others who do not share your opinion is not the way to do this. Stand back and think carefully before you shoot yourself in the foot as the saying goes. There are enough others doing just that recently. Respect!

3 thoughts on “Respect

  1. Please explain why your statement as arbitrator is valid. I’m an elder also. Respect is something earned and something perceived–not a given. If literally millions of people don’t respect the alleged importance of this person’s life and death, perhaps they are correct in not showing respect where it’s not due.

  2. I see both sides of this. Respect should be earned; yet at the same time, there is a basic degree of compassion (a form of respect), that we should be in possession of, especially when others are mourning a loss (whether that be the loss of a person, symbol, tradition or something else entirely). I never knew this person and her life never really touched mine; yet I can still understand the fact that people are mourning her passing and offer them the respect and compassion they deserve as fellow human beings. In my opinion, this has nothing directly to do with being a Druid or an elder; but as Druids we are often found advocating respect for Nature and all that belongs to it. That includes, to me, people in mourning as well as people in dissent.

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