Asking too much of our planet

July 28th was Earth Overshoot Day. This is the day when humanity’s demand for natural resources outstrips the planet’s ability to regenerate within those 12 months. ( My daily newspaper the ‘i’ stated that the UK needed 4.1 UKs in order to meet the residents demands on nature. If we carry on like this there will be no ‘us’.

There is plenty we can do as most of my readers will know, recycling, natural forms of heating like solar panels, wind power, heat exchangers, There are plenty of solutions but that means a lot of change and many people are unwilling to change. Meanwhile energy companies are making what can only be called obscene amounts of profit while the consumer struggles to pay the bills.

Thousands of new houses are being built and none seem to have any form of alternative heating. There is also a lack of water for their supply and it seems that planners cannot join the dots and produce plans that take everything into account. Joined-up thinking is essential if we are to survive as a species.

Habitats are also being destroyed and many species of insects are losing their homes. This can be seen when flower meadows are mowed too early leaving no food for certain species. We have to stand back and look at the larger picture before deciding what to do. Can we work together to persuade those in power to also work together to make things better for us all not just the minority?


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