Changing appearances

This theme came to me earlier this week when a new FB app, which enabled you to change your profile to make you look younger, appeared and many people jumped on this and used it. I am always wary of these apps and looking up any info about it I came across this ‘

Facebook users are being warned against a New Profile Pic app which some experts believe is sending data to Russia.The app uses facial-recognition technology, allowing users to modify the picture they upload and create a new image they can share on social media.’

But that is not what I really wanted to write about. Changing appearances can relate to changing the room in a house or buying a different car or different clothes so that the image we send out to others is different. We decorate our houses in different ways and often change the decoration to suit the way we feel at that time. If we don’t like what we do then we can change it.

Another common changing appearances is done with photos. I know many who will take a photo and change it so much so that it looks nothing like the original. I am told that this is to make the photo perfect. For me, when I take photos, they are a record of what I have seen so it is not necessary to change them to look like something else.

Many change their appearance with make-up and cosmetic surgery because they don’t like how they look or like showing signs of getting older. Personally I like my grey hair and wrinkles, they are part of who I am and show that I have experienced life in many ways. And some cosmetic procedures cannot be reversed if you don’t like them.

What are your experiences of changing appearances? Do you decorate your house frequently or change your garden layout? Do you buy a different car so it makes you look richer or better off? Or do you like what you have and appreciate it? My motto in life is this ‘If you don’t like what I wear, or how I do my hair, or what I think or say, then that is your problem not mine. I am who I am and its tough if you don’t like that.’

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